Shay But Not Oud Travel Kit

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Set Sail with Shay but Not Oud
Our exciting new travel kit is here to add a touch of adventure to your journeys.
"Shay But Not Oud" takes the essence of Anfasic Dokhoon's signature craftsmanship and passion for fragrances to proudly present a scent that is oh-so-shay, oh-so-trendy, and oh-so-not your typical Anfasic Dokhoon fragrance.

All the includes are featuring the scent of Shay but Not Oud:
  • Perfume Spray 75ml
  • Perfume Spray 20ml
  • Dokhoon 75g 
  • Burner
  • Tong
Fragrance Notes: Wild Basil and Whipped Cream, Tobacco and Cedar, Amerwood and Myrrh. 
Key Details: Shay but Not Oud Travel Edition, by Anfasic Dokhoon
Scent: Emirati
Sale priceDhs. 950.00