In the vibrant world of fragrances, my story unfolds like the many chapters of a book, crafted by two humans, Olimpia and Mohamed Hilal.
It all began in 2003 when Olimpia, amazed by Mohamed Hilal’s perfume creations, first encountered the captivating scents of Hind Al Oud. 
Destiny brought them together in Sharjah a few months after: Olimpia had left her home in Italy to move to the UAE and while Mohamed was already crafting scented emotions of Hind Al Oud, was flying as a pilot.
In 2005, on a warm summer evening, Mohamed gave me life, naming me 'Anfasic Dokhoon' after a beautiful melody that speaks of 'breathing incense”, a brand whose hero would be a scent to burn, not just a perfume. Olimpia could see how heritage and tradition could be translated and made international.
Crafting my essence wasn't easy. For a year, Olimpia and Mohamed sat together, challenged one another, surrounded by scents, carefully shaping my identity. The concept of ‘SHAY’ was built on tears, laughter, jokes, and dreams, weaving trust between cultural differences and common values.
As I grew, challenges turned into opportunities. Though many doubted my potential in the early 2000s, Mercato in Dubai welcomed me warmly. A plain wall became my first luxury kiosk, splashed in purple and elegant packaging. Today, over 50 such kiosks grace malls across the Middle East, showing Mohamed’s groundbreaking vision and Olimpia’s unstoppable determination thrive.
Reflecting on my journey, I often wonder: if Olimpia and Mohamed were to meet again all those years ago, would they create me again? Surely, they would. Despite the hurdles, the journey has been beautiful, filled with a mix of important challenges, positive milestones and the sweet success of Shay. 
This is my story. A tale of partnership, passion, and perseverance that goes beyond just fragrance. A brand that connects people and cultures… and I can’t wait to tell you more. 

Following a successful journey towards perfection and exploration of the senses, today, Anfasic Dokhoon counts thousands of loyal customers and has over 50 stores located within the most prestigious retail destinations across the United Arab Emirates and the GCC.



“Creativity is always triggered by a deep fascination, my predilection for perfumery comes from the emotions a scent can diffuse, ‘’ said founder Mohamed Hilal.

The former Emirates Airlines pilot who changed his career in pursuit of his passion for scents is highly regarded for his refined creations.

As a young girl in Italy, Olimpia used to pick wild flowers to boil them, believing that her concoctions were magic potions of happiness. The real scent journey for Olimpia began in 2003 where she worked in a perfumery atelier in Grasse, France - the historical capital of perfumery. Helping people discover the magical world of scents ignited a flame within her, which has shaped her life ever since. 

Olimpia followed her nose from France to the United Arab Emirates, where in 2007 she co-founded Anfasic Dokhoon, a trendy brand inspired by Arabian incense. Since then, Anfasic Dokhoon has built a network of over 40 stores across the GCC, which are established under Mohamed Hilal Group. 

Her obsession for Oud has evolved from product development to conservation initiatives to promote cultivated Agarwood and reforestation in Vietnam with the Aquilaria project. Her passion for training and education inspired the ‘Art of Perfumes’ in cooperation with Sharjah Business Women Council, a workshop series with an aim to empower women in local communities and to encourage entrepreneurship in the perfume industry. 

More recently, Olimpia has ventured into the makeup and beauty industry, and has launched UAE-born cosmetics brand – Shay Up – a fun yet purpose driven brand that features a wide selection of makeup products that are heat-free and long-lasting. 

Olimpia’s main mission is to inspire through the language of scents while respecting humanity and nature, but also to encourage others to follow their passion in life.