Rediscover the Shay Shay experience! Crafted with love, Shay Shay is our first masterpiece in the world's best dokhoon collection. With its modern and surprising blend of apple, vanilla, and jasmine, Shay Shay spreads contagious happiness wherever it goes.

At the heart of Anfasic Dokhoon’s secret is craftsmanship. Each batch is handmade with love, ensuring perfection in every piece. We take the time to shape and pack each dokhoon, allowing its scent to develop fully. Our dokhoon naturally dries to the perfect moistness, preserving the quality of the oud powder and oils used. It's this care and attention that makes our dokhoon the best, creating an exceptional experience with its rich aroma every time.

Enhancing the scented smoke is the Mu3azaz enhancer, designed to intensify and elevate the overall effect of our dokhoons, ensuring a lasting aura that defines you.

Live the excellence of Shay Shay through our renewed multisensory journey, embracing sound, taste, and scent like never before!

Mood pairing

Each Anfasic Dokhoon scent has its unique energy, scent palette and optimum ritual timing.

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