Shay Candle - Shay Oud (300gm)

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Because there is no place like home.

Turn your beautiful home into a sensorial space, where scent defines your mood.
Anfasic Dokhoon creates SHAY homes for more than a decade with its famous Emarati burning rituals, today, the art of perfuming your home expands from burning oud to the dancing flames of a scented Candle that last for up to 50 hours made in 100% paraffin wax, hand.
Rediscover the woody Shay Oud in a reinvented beautiful candle.. the SHAY way!

Fragrance Notes: Frankincense, Honey, Agarwood
Key Details: Scented Candle, Home, 300gm, Holographic glass container
Scent: Emarati
Sale priceDhs. 265.00