Shay In The Air - Diffuser Shay Touch 200ml

Editor's advice

For the first time, we offer our precious scents in a reed diffuser

200ml of your favorite shay scents will spread through 5 fabric reeds, specifically designed to distribute evenly the scent throughout the day and the space around you.
The earthy, leathery woody note of Shay Touch is a symbol of sophistication. Dry, subtle, and yet powerful this scent disperses confidence, a sense of adventure, and a love of nature. Ideal for offices, entrances, receptions, and open living spaces.
Burn Rare & Ghair pure oud or Aquilaria sticks for an extra woody kick to it. It’s ideal if you are looking for a prestigious, elegant experience or if you need help to focus on your creativity.
Lasts between 12 & 18 weeks. Turn the reeds every 2-3 days for best performance.

Fragrance Notes: Patchouli, Rose, Oud
Key Details: Diffuser, 200ml, by Anfasic Dokhoon
Scent: Woody
Sale priceDhs. 230.00